On 15 March 2016, the Coastal Division started the project coordination of the expansion of the Zwin. Indeed, the most famous nature reserve of the Flemish and Dutch coast received an additional 120 hectares of wildlife area. |The nature area will be surrounded by a new dyke. This dyke is intended to protect our coastline and the hinterland of West Flanders and Zeeland against storm surges from the sea.

The dyke profile will have a verge of 10 metres (Second General Levelling) and the base of the dyke will be about 51 metres. The height of the dyke will not be the same across the entire path, with the width of the base of the dyke varying according to this changing height. The dyke will consist of a sand core and will be covered with clay. On the outside of the dyke, the clay layer will be 1.4 metres thick; on the inside, a clay layer of 0.6 metres will be applied. There will be hiking and cycling paths created on the dyke. These will link the provinces of West Flanders and Zeeland.

These protective measures for the Zwin are an important part of large-scale works to preserve the Zwin. All current information about the changes in the wildlife area can be found on www.zwininverandering.eu.