Art Project: ‘GETIJ-DINGEN’

Getij-dingen 2015 (Tidal Things 2015): Art on beach posts from Oostduinkerke to Sint-Idesbald.

The “Getij-dingen” project is organised by the municipality of Koksijde, in collaboration with the Coastal Division and the Getij-dingen working group. Fifteen artists give the high-water line of the North Sea between Oostduinkerke and Sint-Idesbald an artistic look.

Their works of art hang from, or are positioned near, as many tidal posts of the Coastal Division, hence the name – “Getij-Dingen” (Tidal Things) – of the art exhibition. Every day, at high tide, the sculptures or structures are flooded. These works of art were on display from 28/3 until 30/11/15.