Under a bright summer sun, Minister of Mobility and Public Works Ben Weyts and Alderman of the Port Björn Prasse opened the storm return wall around the harbour in Blankenberge on 3 July. This new storm return wall is the backbone for the protection of Blankenberge and the hinterland against storm surges from the sea.

Until recently, the Marina of Blankenberge was one of the weak links along our coast. In September 2016, the Coastel Division and the city of Blankenberge started to build a storm wall around the harbor. Besides increasing coastal safety, much attention was also being paid to the functional added value. The storm wall is integrated in the environment. In some places the wall can be used as a bench. The feeling of the dunes was brought from the west to the east by the introduction of local coastal plants. By the use of a uniform design it is possible to take a walk around the whole harbour and hikers and cyclists can intuitively follow the entire route.

The latest foliage will happen in September 2018.

The Barcadère is currently the only gap in the sea protection belt of Blankenberge. Since the beginning of 2018 there is an agreement between the Flemish Government and the city. This zone will be addressed after the summer of 2019.

Notable figures:

  • Only 20% of the storm return wall is above ground, the remaining 80% is underground
  • About 8,700 m ² sheet piles as foundation are trilled in the existing dike
  • The longest sheet piles are up to 18 metres long
  • The sheet piles are anchored with about 2.2 kilometres of anchors
  • There are 80 metres additional benches provided