Flood measures and the renovation of the seawall Raversijde and Mariakerke

The Coastal Division and the city of Ostend work closely together to complete the flood measures on the seawall from Mariakerke to Raversijde by the end of 2018.

In some areas there will be a storm return wall and the dike will be wider in certain places. In addition, the creation of a dune landscape in front of the dike must tackle the problems caused by the blown sand on the tram tracks and coastal road. The renovation of outdated parts of the seawall will create an added value for residents and recreationists. The works form part of the Master Plan for Coastal Safety. The main objective is therefore to protect Raversijde, Mariakerke, and the underlying areas against the impact of storm surge with a 1000-year return period. By the construction of the storm return walls and the beach nourishments in these areas Raversijde and Mariakerke will be protected against this storm surge.

The dike of Mariakerke will get protection by the construction of storm return walls. These will come between the Henegouwenstraat and the Strandplein and between the Albertushelling and the Diksmuidestraat. The storm return wall of 50 cm high will make a separation between the road and the dike. As height of the wall will be limited, it will also be used as a bench. At the level of each side street, a bench with a glass windshield will be provided. The dike will always remain accessible through openings in the wall. With a storm surge, these will be closed with a mobile barrier. The storm return wall will be made in concrete and get an architectural finish.

n the stretch between the car park of the Diksmuidestraat and the Zeelaan in Raversijde, especially in the area where the tram runs next to the dike, strong wind creates problems due to blowing sand. The best way to address this problem is by keeping the sand on the beach. This will be done by planting marram grass and brushwood hedges in this area. As such, a kind of dune will be created as a dike that acts as a sand catcher. Between the dike and the tram rails a little wall as additional sand catcher will be built. In this way, hikers will be shielded from the tram tracks. The dike will also get a new flooring in this zone.

At the level of the Dorpstraat the dike will be widened. Here the work of art "Ik, James Ensor" will receive a permanent place.

Raversijde will also get a widening of the dike between the Zeelaan and the Westlaan. The dune landscape from Mariakerke will be continued up to this broadening and the flooring of the existing dike will be replaced. The dike will be 15 metres wider. This will give hikers more space. A set of steps will give access to the beach and serve as a resting place. A canopy on the eastern portion of the widening will accommodate the premises for the rescue services and sanitation.

In the spring of 2018 further designs are being developed for this, after which the

necessary permits will be applied for and the procurement of the works will follow. By the end 2018 the works will start.