Mission & Vision

The mission of the Coastal Division can be divided into three main areas:

  • protection of the population against the forces of the sea
  • promotion of recreation on and along the water, as well as ‘experiencing the coast’
  • mapping the sea and the river Scheldt and putting out weather forecasts for the sea and the coast.

This mission entails a number of core tasks performed by the three teams of the division: Coastal Safety and Coastal ManagementCoastal Marinas, and Flemish Hydrography.

Sinds 1898, the policy of the Coastal Division has been to strive for an optimal way of LIVING TOGETHER WITH THE SEA.

The daily operation of the Coastal Division is in line with that of the Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services and is based on the five values ​​of the Flemish government:

CUSTOMER FOCUS - With its services, the Coastal Division aims for optimal customer focus. Attention to the various functions of the coast, as well as to all possible users and operators, offers the guarantee of an integrated approach.

RELIABILITY - The Coastal Division acts as a reliable organization that takes full responsibility for the proper execution of its core tasks. In this respect, the department strives for transparency and takes into consideration all forms of stakeholder participation. The department also provides reliable and complete information to interested parties.

SUSTAINABILITY - The Coastal Division always chooses sustainable practices when carrying out its tasks.

COOPERATION - The Coastal Division strives for productive cooperation with the provincial government, the management of coastal communities and coastal cities, coastal ports, and coastal marinas. With related departments of the Flemish government and of the Federal Government, the Coastal Division strives for cooperation and partnership agreements.

CONSTANTLY IMPROVING - The Coastal Division commits to performing its tasks in the most efficient manner possible and to producing high quality results. In this respect, it works with highly and continuously trained professionals.

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