Middelkerke Seawall gets a new look

The Coastal Division and the municipality of Middelkerke have joined forces to bring about a major transformation of the seawall in the municipality. The full length of the seawall will be rebuilt and in a new layout.

The project is part of the Coastal Safety Masterplan drawn up by the Coastal Division. The main objective is to protect Middelkerke and its residents from severe storms. The works will also help with the beach and dyke protection.

The dyke will be divided into a number of commercial zones (about 40%) and numerous green zones (60%). By creating green zones, the seawall will have a new, natural feel. The commercial areas are concentrated in the bathing centres and will create an open feel that will link in to the beach.

Between the seawall and the beach, a number of dunes will be recovered in the green zones. An emphasis will also be placed on the view of the sea from the dyke, and an accessible trail will cross through the dunes. The extended length of the green zones will also serve as a buffer in extreme weather conditions, meaning less use of hard structures.

Positive reactions

Such sweeping works cannot happen without informing all the people involved. Catering operators were already heavily involved by means of information meetings and surveys. The first reactions are positive.

We will also stay in constant touch with both stakeholders and residents during the works.


In the spring of 2018, the preliminary design will be ready. All technical plans and constructions will then be tested from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint for effectiveness. A final design is expected to be finalised in late 2018, after the testing phase and any necessary fine tuning.

The tender will be completed at the beginning of 2019, at which point the work can actually start.